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About: My life is undergoing a huge transition. Expressing myself here because it's the only way to let it all out.
Happy finally, hopefully not temporarily.

Spent today with my mom and Jason, it was a great day. Just is rough when they come down here to visit because it’s like … what the hell are we supposed to do? There is nothing to do here. It’s so loud and obnoxious here, I can’t take it. I like it just me and Jason and my family and the way we do things and it’s been a huge transition to here. Everyone is extra loud tonight because it’s a Saturday and everyones going out to club Vibe in Joplin. Count me out! lol, I re-rented Morning Glory so i’m going to watch that once everyone is gone and after I shower. I need it bad, because last night I ran and then did a killer ab workout and didn’t ever shower. Oh and Jason brought me a freakin new ipod touch for my birthday, no big deal lol! Psych, I am so happy! He’s so nice and sweet, I think he loved his present also. There is so much music blaring on this floor it’s so loud lol damn …. I think I might not mind if I was about to be going somewhere but, since I’m jut kind of sitting three inches from my roommates big ass stereo … it’s not too thrilling for me. 

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